LCP Trucking specialises in transporting all types of packaged goods except aggregates.

We collect and deliver from point to point to any destination within the borders of South Africa.

Do you want to work for LCP Trucking?

Application Procedure:

Applications for drivers are subject to the following requirements being met:

Licence type: EC

Licence validity: A minimum of 3 months at date of application.

Experience: 10 years on code EC.

Type of transmission: Proficient on a manual Fuller gearbox.

Able to reverse at least 50 metres in one operation.

Literacy: Able to read, write and converse in English and one other official South African language.

Technology: Have a fully functional smartphone and be able to operate it, as all company functions are technology-driven.

Technology: Have a functional email address.

Own vehicle that is registered in your name and in a roadworthy condition and to remain as such throughout employment if employed.

Be in good health.

The aforementioned requirements will be checked at a prearranged driver’s test by management or an authorised representative.

Please submit your CV and other documents required so that we can assess your eligibility once positions within the company become available.

Upload CV  

Upload ID  

Allowed file types - jpeg/pdf/gif/png/jpg - 4MB file size limit

Your information will be kept on file for consideration in the event that a position opens up at LCP Trucking. Should you not hear from us within four weeks of contacting us, please consider your application unsuccessful.
  • The company will only consider your job application further if you satisfy all the aforementioned conditions.
  • You will then be granted a formal face-to-face interview.
  • After your interview all your information, including fingerprints will be submitted to a verification authority.
  • Once the company has received all the required verification reports, a final decision will be made to either accept or reject your application.

Please note that this process may involve two or more visits to our offices and is done at your own cost. The company reserves the right to recover all expenses in terms of all the steps above should it become apparent that your CV or references are inaccurate or false.


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